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Photography Services

Photography Services

Offering up a full range of visual media and photography services, Viperbane Ltd. can cover almost any occasion except extreme high altitude and deep under water photography. Specialised in on location photography, all areas are covered from fashion and cosplay, to portrait photography and music performances. If you need help restoring your old photos, then don’t hesitate to contact Viperbane Ltd.

Event Photography

No matter the occasion, be it social gathering, annual company outing, factory or store openings and conventions!


Portrait Photography

Try as you might, your iPhone self shot will not be good enough for the public profile of the company or if you want to have a better photo for all your social media profiles.

Location Photography

On site and in the action. We have the gear, you have the location! Viperbane Ltd. is the ultimate freelance photographer!


Photo Editing

From improving images to complete restoration of your old photographs. With the power of Photoshop and a keen eye for details your photos will be amazing in no time at all!

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Jim Samborg Viperbane Ltd. 

My name is Jim Samborg and I’m a Freelance Photographer from London, England. I’ve been taking photos for more than 10 years now. Since the moment I first picked up my camera I never looked back.